3 Travel tips for booking cheap flights

travel, handsome, hunkLast month The Travel Channel posted a quick read on tips to help you book cheap flights, which you can read here. I have included a few of their suggestions and combined them with some of my travel tips. I hope you find these helpful.

1 – Book your flights on Tuesday afternoons between 2PM – 3PM.  Rick Sweeney, CEO and co-founder of Farecompare explains that airfares are filed in the evenings each Monday, which allows competing airlines on Tuesday at 10AM to see what fares are being filed and they are given the option of “matching” competitor airfares. This matching process takes a bit of time and that is how / why shopping on Tuesdays (ideally at 2:30PM) is so economical. For more on this watch this video of Rick Sweeney on Business Insider.

2- Shop for flights incognitoOutsmart the internet by searching for airline tickets in private browsing mode or incognito. Since cookies are used when you’re searching regularly in your browser, airline sites can see you repeatedly searched routes and increase the price it quotes you.

3 – Check out Google Flights. I think this is the best search tool if you are looking to get away but not necessarily married to any specific destination. For example, if you want to go to Western Europe in the Summer or perhaps the Caribbean in the Fall you can select a part of the world and Google Flights will show you airfares for all the airports in that area. You can also refine the search to look by specific airline alliances.


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