Restaurant review: South End Buttery

Back in 2005 the South End Buttery opened on the corner of Shawmut Ave and Union Park Street in the South End, replacing a tiny cafe that had previously operated in the space. In 2008 they expanded into an adjacent space to include a restaurant and bar with dinner service daily and brunch on weekends.

The Buttery currently has a great special running this month, offering 50% off their dinner menu Sunday through Wednesday, so Sergio and I decided to have dinner there last Sunday. We regularly visit the coffee shop and I enjoy their brunch but neither of us had ever been for dinner.  The menu serves classic American fare like burgers, mac and cheese and meatloaf, all reasonably priced with dishes ranging from $17-$22.

South End Buttery’s cauliflower is a tasty side that costs $6

We sat downstairs in the restaurant’s partially subterranean cozy little dining room and started by sharing one of their sides, the fried cauliflower with a lemon tahini sauce. The cauliflower was served warm and was lightly salted, which went great with my beer while we chatted and waited for our dinner to arrive.

For dinner Sergio ordered the Buttery’s Chicken Parmesan which looked appealing but I did not try. I opted to have the Buttery’s burger. I had been torn between the Fish and Chips and the burger and our helpful waiter encouraged me to go with the latter.

South End Buttery’s signature bacon cheeseburger and fries is $18

The Buttery clearly likes their burgers. They often have promotions and the three options, the bacon cheeseburger, turkey burger and chickpea falafel have their own section on the menu. I hate to admit it but my burger fell flat because it was overcooked. However, I’m inclined to give The Buttery another try because I know that others have said they enjoy their burger – maybe I’ll make another dash back before the end of the month, while the burger can be had for 50% off.

Despite the overcooked burger, the fries and cauliflower were great, Sergio really enjoyed his dinner and let’s face it, the South End Buttery is so damn charming. The restaurant is open 7-days a week for dinner and serves a delicious brunch Saturday and Sunday from 9AM – 3PM.

BosGuy Rating: 3 out of 5 stars, Good.

South End Buttery (The Restaurant)
314 Shawmut Avenue  || (617) 482-1015


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