Restaurant review: Lulu’s Allston

Source: Lulu’s Allston Facebook Page

Recently I visited the Allston/Brighton neighborhoods of Boston to spend an evening with my friend Evan. Allston is a vibrant neighborhood that many students and 20-somethings call home. Tourists who visit Boston are unlikely to venture into Allston/Brighton but it is an easy T or Uber ride, and I was glad my friend had invited me to have dinner in his neighborhood.

Lulu’s is located on Cambridge Street in Allston and is a fairly large space with a decent size bar and a recently opened back patio. Televisions hang around the the restaurant, which both Evan and I noticed preoccupied the attention of most of the 20-something patrons who come to this place for its comfort food and reasonable prices. The menu is filled with classic American food served in large portions that are not in the least calorie conscious – dieters stay away.

Lulu's Allston

Lulu’s Pretzels $4 || Lulu’s Cajun Tots $4

We started our dinner with orders of their Pretzels and Cajun Tots, which came out very warm served in tiny tin pales.  The munchkin shaped pretzels were served with sides of cheese and mustard.  I’m not sure what made the Tots Cajun since I didn’t taste any spices but I love tater tots so I was not disappointed. They were crispy on the outside and steamy warm and fluffy on the inside.

Our sever was vigilant about refilling our drinks, which if you are a beer drinker Lulu’s has a lot of options (about 50 is what I counted) but note they don’t have a full liquor license, rather they have a cordials liquor license. This article in the Boston Metro explains what that means. That being said it didn’t prevent Evan from enjoying his Manhattan and me from having scoffing down two lagers.

Lulu’s “Miss PIggy” Burger burger is $15

Lulu’s serves several burgers and Evan opted for the largest on the menu. The Miss Piggy Burger (as it is called) is served on texas toast, topped with pasta salad, pulled pork, bacon, bbq sauce, red onions and  served with a side of fries that are drizzled with honey mustard and sprinkled with scallions. The order is so large that it is served on a metal tray. I only swiped a few fries so I cannot comment on the burger but it looked like a heart attack on a bun. Evan ate almost everything so I assume it was very good.

Lulu’s Short Rib and Mac & Cheese $14

I opted for something equally unhealthy albeit slightly smaller, Short Rib Mac & Cheese, after our waiter suggested it was one of their most popular plates and one that the place is probably best known for serving. I enjoyed the meal but would probably try something different if I were to return to Lulu’s. The short rib was slightly dry and the cheese had pooled at the bottom of the plate rather than coating the pasta. My critique aside – in full disclosure – it didn’t stop me from eating nearly everything on my plate.

Which brings me to my overall evaluation, which I would characterize as a solid neighborhood restaurant. It knows its clientele and caters to them with affordable price points, typical American food and plenty of cold beer on tap. Lulu’s Allston is open 7-days a week, serving lunch and dinner and brunch on the weekends.

BosGuy Rating: 3 out of 5 stars, Good.

Lulu’s Allston
421 Cambridge Street in Allston  || (617) 787-1117

4 responses to “Restaurant review: Lulu’s Allston

  1. Once more you have made me long for a visit to Boston, and now this restaurant in particular. The food looks awesome and the prices sound affordable. (And thanks for introducing me to the term “cordial” cocktails.)


  2. that all looked delicious!


  3. Looking forward to checking it out as soon as I get out of the CareOne Physical Rehab in Brookline.



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