Will Silver Foxes be the new Golden Girls

Silver FoxesRumors continue to swirl about updating the popular 1980s television sitcom, The Golden Girls, making it about four gay men living together in Palm Springs, CA. The concept even has a name, Silver Foxes, and according to news reports recently had a table reading at Stan Zimmerman’s house (who was one of the show’s writers back in 1985-1986), which was photographed and posted on Instagram earlier this summer (see below).

As much as I love the idea  there remain a lot of barriers to this becoming a reality, but I do love thinking about this. Who would you cast in these new roles? Here’s my thoughts:

Dorothy  —–> Ian McKellan
Blanche —–> George Takei
Rose —–> Nathan Lane
Sophia —–> David Hyde Pierce

 You can read more about this here.

3 responses to “Will Silver Foxes be the new Golden Girls

  1. I hope this comes to fruition! I think it could be quite entertaining and potentially an honest look into aging as a gay man.


  2. I’m suspect that one of the four major networks would pick it up. Maybe a second tier network would. It might come to fruition as a Netflix or LOGO series. The bar is high as “The Golden Girls” continues with high revenues in syndication – one of the key factors of that success is that the team that created it made the decision to distribute without market exclusivity in both local markets and cable channels.



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