New discount airline to offer flights from Boston to London

travel, gay travelEarlier this summer another European discount airline announced it will offer nonstop service between Boston and London.  Flights will start on Saturday, May 19, 2018, leaving from London Stansted. Although I’ve never heard of Stansted, according to the airport website there is a train called the Stansted Express that can be taken. Trains leave 7-days a week every 15 minutes (and every 30 minutes for early and late trains). The trains get you into the heart of London in approximately 45 minutes.

Introductory fares are now available for < $100 each way

Primera Air is a Scandanavian discount airline best known for short haul flights in Europe, but for these transatlantic flights to Boston and Newark they will be using the Airbus A 321. One would presume if they can break into this competitive market they will expand to more airports in the United States and offer more destinations in Europe for budget-conscious travelers.

London Stansted – Boston 
Flight PF043 Depart London Stansted 17:00 – Arrive Boston 20:10 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)
Flight PF044 Depart Boston 21:40 – London Stansted 09:30 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)

One response to “New discount airline to offer flights from Boston to London

  1. That is a quick turn for any carrier, add in the agriculture inspection, catering and lavatory service. Lots of delays – I bet they move back the departure time from Boston.



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