La Motta’s in South End is closing and will be replaced by Burro Bar

The Aquitaine Restaurant GroupApproximately two years after opening their doors, The Aquitaine Group’s restaurant, La Motta, on Washington Street in the South End says it will close. Marc Hurwitz writes in the blog Hidden Boston, that a Mexican eatery in Brookline called the Burro Bar will take over the space.  I took a quick look at their menu and if the prices remain the same, this looks like it could be an affordable dining option with most plates ranging from $12-$16.

The Burro Bar in Brookline’s Washington Square is under the same ownership as the Painted Burro. Joe Cassinelli, who founded the Alpine Restaurant Group, also runs Posto and Rosebud in Davis Square and Osteria Posto in Waltham.

Although I hate to see restaurants close, I was never able to appreciate La Motta’s and after several disappointing tries I stopped going. I’m unfamiliar with the new owners and don’t have any details when La Motta’s will finally close and the Burro Bar will open in its place but stay tuned.


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