Check out the blog It’s my husband and me

I love this blog that Jean-Paul writes about his life in London, living with his husband Guido. The fact that they live above the restaurant Guido owns, The Spanish Onion, makes for some great (and funny) posts that also appeals to the foodie in me. I’ve been reading Jean-Paul’s blog for so long now I feel like I know the both of these men even though I have no idea what they look like.

Jean-Paul’s blog is all writing – few if any visuals accompany his posts. His stories are mundane in the sense that they are so relatable, but his ability to tell a story is anything but run-of-the-mill and he makes for a great story teller. His most recent post (at the time I wrote this), Over You, is a great example. He talks about comforting a friend suffering from a broken heart, but the way he relays the drama unfolding is both so familiar and so comforting. After reading his posts, I often find myself thinking if Jean-Paul and Guido lived in Boston (or if we lived in London), we’d be friends – at least that is what I’d like to think.

Intrigued? Check out Jean-Paul’s blog, It’s My Husband and Me.

6 responses to “Check out the blog It’s my husband and me

  1. Thank you for the info !!


  2. One of my top blogs on my list. Thanks for giving him a great review and promotion of the blog. Ivan


  3. I’ve been reading the exploits of Guido and JP for quite some time and they never fail to amuse, amaze and enrich!


  4. JP & guido live above their second restaurant now. JP has “adopted” me as his “big sister” since he is an only child. one of these days I hope to meet them.


  5. Thank you. I’m glad you read me.



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