Pie in the sky bingo tonight at Club Cafe

gay bostonWhile I was compiling this week’s post about LGBTQ events in and around Boston I inadvertently forgot to mention that money raised at Club Cafe’s Bingo tonight will go to benefit Community Servings.

For those who may be new to Boston or unfamiliar with the Community Servings charity, Community Servings prepares and delivers lunches and dinners each week to families who are home-bound with an acute life-threatening illness. Each November Community Servings’ Pie in the Sky fundraiser raises money to help them continue these important services.

Check out tonight’s Pie In The Sky Bingo at Club Cafe starting at 7PM and don’t forget to place a pie order for Thanksgiving from Community Servings. If you won’t be around for the holiday, you can always donate the pie to a family to help bring more holiday cheer to their Thanksgiving.

Click here if you want to order a pie from Community Servings!


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