Online novel: Theta by Damien

Damien OzAn Aussie blogger who now calls the land of Dorothy home is writing an interesting online novel, that you can read at your leisure for free. At the time I wrote this post he had published a prologue and the first three chapters.

I would describe Theta as a modern day action-suspense novel set in Australia, that will appeal to those who enjoy Gothic and Sci-Fi genres. The moral codes that drive some of these characters is reminiscent of comic book superheroes who are driven by a sense of justice. I’ve pulled a section from the book to provide you with a taste of the authors writing style and part of the story.

She looked back to see a figure dressed entirely in black with a balaclava over his head.  For a moment, she was amused at the absurdity of his dress given it was inner city Melbourne in the twenty-first century and not Russia during the Cold War.  He fired at her but she was prepared.  She easily evaded the bullet and sprinted forward to knock the gun out of his hand.  What she was not prepared for was the strength with which he returned the blows she was raining down on him.  This was no average assassin; this was one of their allies’ kind.  With that, she flashed into her Human/Lycan hybrid form and called on all her speed and strength.

I suggest you check out Theta, starting with the prologue which you can read here: Theta: Prologue.

3 responses to “Online novel: Theta by Damien

  1. Hi, this is “Lionel R Savaria.” I hit send somehow before finishing. My correct email address is below with THIS remark. Could you just list me as “Nel S.” as shown below?
    Keep up the posting; I check your blog on an almost daily basis. The blogs you link to are several of my favorites, especially joemygod.


  2. Lionel R Savaria

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve looked at the prologue and that was enough to hook me. Well, that, and your recommendation.



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