Dr. Stephen Boswell resigns from Fenway Health over mishandling of sexual harassment complaints

Sexual Harassment, Dr. Stephen Boswell, Dr. Harvey MakadonDr. Stephen Boswell has been the chief executive of Fenway Health since 1997 and under his leadership he has turned Fenway Health into one of the nation’s leading LGBTQ health centers, with a $100 million budget that employs about 500 people and serves 29,500 patients annually.

However, his mishandling of sexual harassment complaints forced Fenway Health’s Board to ask for Dr. Boswell to resign this weekend. In his place M. Jane Powers, Fenway’s director of behavioral health and the only woman in senior management has been appointed as an interim chief, while a search is conducted for a permanent replacement.

Criticism of Boswell’s handling of sexual harassment complaints that centered around Dr. Harvey Makakon came to light recently when it was learned that he did not heed the advice of legal council which recommended firing Dr. Makadon, after conducting a thorough investigation into the allegations made by staff. According to The Boston Globe, Boswell also failed to inform Fenway Health’s Board about the allegations (including a$75,000 settlement). You can read the full story in The Boston Globe here.


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