Tom of Finland opens in Boston today

gay film, gay cinema, independent filmThe critically acclaimed biopic, Tom of Finland, which opened earlier this year in select cities in the United States finally opens in Boston today. I was able to see the film last week at Emerson College through their Bright Lights series, and I really enjoyed it.

The film which opens near the conclusion of WWII in Finland runs for nearly two hours and chronicles the life of Touko Laaksonen, the artist who created Tom of Finland.  The movie was directed by award-winning filmmaker Dome Karukoski. He does an excellent job sharing the life and work of Laaksonen.

A “Boston Release” page has been created on Facebook to make it easier to get tickets to one of the screenings for the opening weekend at the Kendall Cinema.

Tom of Finland Boston Release

One response to “Tom of Finland opens in Boston today

  1. The English sub-titles are few and far between and I don’t speak Finnish so it was a little like watching a silent movie. But I used my imagination and paid attention to the picture, not the words.



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