Restaurant review: Ruka Boston

Godfrey HotelWhat happens when you combine Peruvian, Japanese and Chinese cuisine? You end up with a unique dining option in Downtown Crossing called Ruka.

The chic restaurant in Boston’s trendy Godfrey Hotel, has been a hot spot ever since it opened in early December last year. Ruka definitely has it’s own vibe. The overly embellished Asian-inspired decor is too polished to be confused with a Chinatown restaurant and the energy still evident when we left around 11:30 on a Tuesday night is not characteristic of a typical restaurant in Boston and is a testament to how much this part of Boston has changed with more residents now calling Downtown Crossing home than I can ever remember.

The small plates menu is heavily influenced by Japanese-Peruvian cuisine referred to as nikkei; as well as Chinese cuisine and some wonderful sushi options. If I have a complaint about Ruka it would be that the menu can be confusing and there is no telling which options are so small you’re better off skipping (like the blackened octopus – shown below).


While I thoroughly enjoyed the blackened octopus served with harissa mayo, sesame bbq and  ginger slaw, it was so small that the restaurant should either consider doubling the portion or removing it from the menu IMHO.

Fortunately, what followed were reasonable portions for sharing. The Chao Shou Pork wontons served in chile oil, black vinegar, cilantro and topped with crispy sweet potato crisps was both delicious and satisfying. Although picking up the slippery wontons with chop sticks proved to be too difficult for me, and I eventually succumbed to using a fork for this plate.


At the same time that we received the octopus and wontons our very capable server brought over the plancha broccoli served with a curry and spicy peanuts (which btw were not spicy at all) and topped with broccoli stem fritters that added a nice texture to a satisfying plate.


Our final plate was the Acevichado, which according to their menu is described as  their daily cerviche served with leche de tigre, pickled cucumber and sweet potato. This was one of the most satisfying plates both in presentation and taste and went remarkably well with the Sauvignon Blanc I had ordered with dinner.



If you’ve been to Ruka Boston, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the space and the food you tried. If you’ve not visited this unique restaurant, check it out and then get back to me with your thoughts.

I really enjoyed myself and will definitely be back again to try more plates.

Ruka Boston
505 Washington Street (DTX)
(617) 266-0102 ||


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