Under attack in 2017: LGBTQ organizations see increase in donations

This past year many in the LGBTQ community have felt under attack. GLAAD details many direct and indirect things that President Trump has done and said over the past year here; a few highlights include:

  • Minutes after being sworn into office, any mention of the LGBTQ community were erased from White House, Department of State, and Department of Labor websites.
  • This past summer President Trump bans transgender service members from serving in “any capacity” in the U.S. military, threatening to fire 15,000 currently serving troops over Twitter.
  • This fall Trump becomes the first sitting president to speak at the Family Reseach Council’s Values Voter Summit, a convening of fringe groups united around discrimination against LGBTQ people.

Couple these with the 50+ actions and comments highlighted on the GLAAD page with the fact that hate groups like Neo Nazis and the KKK have been provided a platform, that they regularly use to thank President Trump and it isn’t a surprise that many in our community are upset.

Clinton’s abysmal loss came as a shock to our community and after coming to terms with the election results it appears that many of you are once again opening your wallets to resist. An annual analysis of LGBTQ movement by the Movement Advancement Project (MAP) finds revenue and individual contributions for LGBTQ organizations are on the rise again. You can read MAPs key findings press release here and download their report here.

One response to “Under attack in 2017: LGBTQ organizations see increase in donations

  1. OK People….let’s write those cheques ..we have 3 days left this year, for tax purposes, and the Trump / Republican code goes into effect



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