Group asks Amazon to focus HQ2 search on states that don’t discriminate against LGBTQ

Amazon HQ2Most people are aware of the stroke of Public Relations brilliance that is Amazon’s search for second headquarters (HQ2). Cities have lined up and prostrated themselves for the chance to bring what is expected to be tens of thousands of well-paying jobs at Amazon’s HQ2. Few cities in America have followed this story more closely than Boston, which continues to be named as a top contender, despite initial claims from some that the city couldn’t compete.

Who can say where Amazon will set up shop and what sort of criteria they will use as a determining factor, but last week a gay-rights advocate group started a campaign called “No Gay? No Way!” to bring attention to states bidding for HQ2 who have antiquated and in some cases anti-LGBTQ laws on their books. They are asking Amazon not to set up their HQ2 in a state that does not protect  employees from discrimination for their sexual orientation or gender gay? no way!, amazon headquarters, Amazon HQ2Although nobody knows for certain the three cities most often referenced as being atop Amazon’s list include Atlanta, Austin and Boston. However, of those three cities, only Boston resides in a state that has fair and equal laws protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

This activist group is planning to demonstrate near Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle tomorrow, Thursday, February 8th, just as the company prepares to issue its Q4 earnings. The group has hired a plane to fly overhead trailing a “No gay? No way!” banner and is placing billboards on trucks driving through Seattle as well as online ads saying “Hey, Alexa? Why would Amazon even consider HQ2 in a state that discriminates against LGBT people?”

If you’d like to read more about the campaign link here: No Gay? No Way!


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