The best gay films of 2017

Fat has published a list of what they are referring to as “the best gay films of 2017“. The article suggests that gay film making no longer has to “go mainstream” because, of late, the best new films have been gay movies.  I don’t quite share the writer’s optimism of either gay films being mainstream or all the best films having gay themes. However, my biggest issue with their list is that it doesn’t include the 2017 Oscar nominated, Call Me By Your Name

Out Magazine’s List of 12 Best Gay Films of 2017

A Quiet Passion is Terence Davies’ biography of poet Emily Dickinson

Paris: 05:59: Theo & Hugo is the love story of the year for its PREP-era consciousness and focus on emotional intimacy

Four Days in France turns a romantic break-up into a rediscovery of personal, national, cultural unity

Staying Vertical is Alain Guiraudie’s challenge to the hypocrisy of a society unprepared for a gay man who wants to be a parent

My Life as a Zucchini is the year’s best animated film (I wonder if the X-rated version of this is an eggplant)

Frantz is Francois Ozon’s adaptation of Ernst Lubitsch’s The Man I Killed, turning a World War I memorial into powerful fraternal passion

The Assignment is Walter Hill’s transgender crime movie in which mad scientist Sigourney Weaver turns a hit man into Michelle Rodriguez

BPM is Robin Campillo’s epic parade of AIDS activism in ‘80s Paris. Its array of emotions, personalities and politics is tragic and euphoric
NOTE: This is playing at the Wicked Queer Film Festival for free on April 5th

Tom of Finland is Dome Karukoski’s instant-classic bio-pic about the icon of gay erotica

 The Ornithologist is Joao Pedro Rodrigues’ exploration of gay spirituality as erotically embodied by Paul Hamy, a scientist on a surreal journey through metaphorical wilderness to religious revelation

God’s Own Country is Francis Lee’s star-crossed romance between a Yorkshire shepherd and a Romanian immigrant

Dream Boat by Tristan Ferland Milewski turns a documentary about a gay pleasure cruise into something much more

Are there any movies you think should’ve been on this list? If so, share your thoughts in the comments section.

One response to “The best gay films of 2017

  1. Glad that you mentioned that the list missed ‘Call Me by Your Name.’ I thought I must have overlooked it, then reread the list… not believing it wasn’t there. That was a fine film and the end is still somewhat haunting to me…

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