Out to Succeed: Realising the full potential of your LGBT+ talent

Out to Succeed: Realising the full potential of your LGBT+ talent is new global research that discusses how businesses can succeed in an environment that enables LGBT+ talent to thrive. It asks and answers questions like: What do high potential LGBT+ employees want from their employers? Are businesses delivering? And what more could organisations do to enable LGBT+ talent to succeed? The report also offers five suggestions on how businesses can turn equality into a global reality.

“Diverse stories matter – they’re a crucial part of our audience appeal…the diversity of our programming aligns with our people agenda by encouraging a diverse array of talent to come to Time Warner, and want to stay and prosper”
– Jeff Bewkes, Chairman and CEO, Time Warner

About the research: PwC and Out Leadership conducted a global survey of 231 high-potential LGBT+ employees and 28 corporate leaders from Out Leadership member organisations over the time period of December 2017 to March 2018.

Download and read the full report here: Out to Succeed


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