Provincetown live entertainment schedule July 2018

Arthouse, PtownEach week large crowds head to Provincetown and while there is plenty to do, I like to encourage people to take in at least one performance. Below is a modified listing of shows taking place the month of July. If there is not a date next to the performer / performance, it means they perform weekly – just check ahead for which days and availability.

 Migguel Anggelo, Nora Burns, Chris Harder, James Judd, Sam Morrison, Neil Thornton, Deven Green, Randy Rainbow, Unitard, Paula Poundstone, Leslie Jordan, Bruce VilanchCOMEDY & CABARET IN PROVINCETOWN

ShowGirls weekly talent show is every Monday

Jul 9-11                  Sam Morrison performs his show Hello Daddy
Jul 10                     Neil Thornton One night only, comedy show
Jul 18-20               Poppy’s Poppin’ N Rockin’ Comedy Show
Jul 23-27               Deven Green comes to Ptown for five nights only


Thirsty Burlington performs All Things Cher

Miss Ritchfield 1981 (new venue this year)

Dina Martina performs “Crème de la Dregs” 

Raja Season 3 winner of RPDR performs

Varla Jean Merman performs Under a Big Top 

Jinkx Monsoon performs Beach City Bimbo

Miss Conception performs Forbidden Diznee 

Jinx, Peaches & Liza in Hocum Pokem 

Varla Jean & Peaches Christ in The Whining 

Ben DeLaCreme performs Inferno A-Go-Go 

Varla Jean Merman & Peaches Christ perform The Whining

Jul 2-3                  Pam Ann
Jul 4 – Aug 19      Trixie Mattel brings her show to Ptown
Jul 16                     Chelsea Piers performs Are you there Ru it’s me Chelsea
Jul 23-24              Sandra Bernhard performs her show, Sandemonium
Jul 23-Aug 1         Joan Rivers Tribute ShowThe Bitch is Back
Jul 9                       Bianca Del Rio One Show Only! Blame it on Bianca
Jul 23-29               Deven Green
Jul 30-Aug 1         Paige Turner  performs Drag Me To The Top


Brokelohomo! is at Fisherman Hall every Sunday

Jul 8-9                    Bearlesque hosted by Josh Schonewolf
Jul 10                      Hair the Musical
Jul 16 – Aug 30     Love! Valour! Compassion!


Bobby Weatherbee at the Central House Piano Bar

Doug Repetti at the Dive Bar Piano at the Crown

Esera Tualo from The Voice performs at Pilgrim House

Well Strung

Steve Grand 

Jul 7-8                   Branden & James
Jul 9-10                 Matt Alber
Jul 11-12                Tom Goss performs Confessions of a Pocket Cub
Jul 15-16               Judy Kuhn w/ Seth Rudetsky
Jul 17                     Adam Pascal w/ Seth Rudetsky
Jul 17                     Speakeasy Night w/ Zoe Lewis & the Bootleggers
Jul 19-20              Christine Ebersole w/ Seth Rudetsky
Jul 23                    Lucy Arnaz
Jul 28-29              Will Swenson w/ Seth Rudetsky


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