Sequel to the 90s gay flick “Trick” in the works

Christian Campbell, John Paul Pitoc and Tori SpellingYesterday Kenneth in the 212 shared that one of my favorite gay films, Trick, is planning a sequel just in time for its <gulp> 20th anniversary.

Trick was released in 1999 as an independent film that focused on the incredibly cute (and young) Christian Campbell and J.P. Pitoc and their misadventures one night in Manhattan. Both actors provided stellar performances  and the storyline is so enjoyable, but it’s Ms. Coco Peru’s predatory bathroom scene (see below) and Tori Spelling’s nervous breakdown at a diner that still make me laugh when I think about it. If you’ve never seen this film – definitely see if it is available on Netflix or Amazon.

2 responses to “Sequel to the 90s gay flick “Trick” in the works

  1. I agree with you, there were multiple awesome performances in the original and I’m looking forward to the sequel.


  2. I’m with you. “Trick” was one of my favorite films, as well, and I have a copy of it that I love to watch periodically. I hope they can have a couple of guys with equal hotness to these two. Unfortunately, they way they cast today, I have my doubts. I may just stick with the original.



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