OUT on Stage: The Series premieres Jan 17th

January can be a pretty bleak month in the Northeast; winter is raging, the holidays are over and your credit card statement from the holidays comes due. Dekkoo, a subscription-based streaming service dedicated to gay men is launching a new comedy series called OUT on Stage. 

The series will be hosted by Zach Noe Towers and will feature comics: Jonathan Rowell, Brendan Scannell, Casey Ley, Julian Michael, Iren Tu, Jared Goldstein, Raneir Pollard, Kyle Shire, Jordan Peas, Chris Bryant, Eric Hahn, Daniel Webb, Joe Dosch, Gloria Bigelow, Anthony Desamito, Janine Brito, and A.B. Cassidy.LGBTQ humor, queer comedyTo watch the series you do need to have a subscription to Dekkoo but look for an introductory offer on their homepage for their free trial offer. Learn more here, dekkoo.com.


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