Pilot program for marijuana cafes in Massachusetts

Yes on 4, legalize pot in MassachusettsProvincetown named as one of five potential communities to pilot cafes

Last week Boston.com shared a story on how Massachusetts state regulators are now starting to focus on licensing “consumption establishments” so they can open for business in the state. Referred to as cannabis cafes or marijuana lounges, social consumption establishments are just what they sound like. But of course since this is Massachusetts this will likely take time as regulators discuss and debate how to proceed before a cafe is licensed to open.

A pilot program is being evaluated and will be capped at a maximum of 12 communities, beginning with the five — Amherst, North Adams, Provincetown, Somerville, and Springfield — that participated in the working group, if they choose to opt in. At the moment, regulators are suggesting two types of licenses under the proposed pilot: Primary-use licenses, like cannabis cafes, and event host licenses for public events where marijuana could be consumed, like a concert or festival. At the moment indoor smoking would be prohibited due to the statewide ban on indoor smoking but the proposed pilot program would let event hosts could allow smoking in a designated outdoor area and vaping could be allowed indoors with proper ventilation.

You can read the full article on Boston.com, here.


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