Restaurant review: Black Lamb Boston (brunch)

SergioBlack Lamb Boston opened in the space formerly occupied by Stephi’s on Tremont and is now serving brunch on both Saturday and Sunday, starting at 10:00 AM.

The “new kid on the block” status combined with the reputation of culinary couple Heather and Colin Lynch ensures that Black Lamb will be hard to get a seat most evenings, but when we visited for an early Saturday brunch we had the space almost entirely to ourselves. The biggest differences to the space are the color scheme, artwork and converting the private dining room in the back into a cool little raw bar and dining space.

Stephi’s private dining room has been converted into a cozy raw bar

The brunch menu is a tad limited (especially if you love to have a lot of egg-options) but it does have some very interesting items and we wasted no time ordering something savory and something sweet.

We started with the Potato Rosti, which has a consistency of a latke and is served with  smoked salmon, sour cream and dill piled atop. It was really delicious and something I would definitely have again.

Black Lamb Boston

Potato Rosti – $14

The French Toast served with strawberries and whipped cream photographs nicely but wasn’t served with enough maple syrup so initially it tasted a bit dry but we rectified that quickly, asking for a bit more syrup which the brioche soaked up nicely.  This is definitely a good option for anyone who likes something sweet in the morning.

Black Lamb Boston

French Toast – $15

The only glitch in the dining experience was the timing of breakfast items which was a surprise considering there were so few tables at that time of the morning. However, to the restaurant’s credit they rectified the situation quickly and one can chalk this up  to being part of the team’s learning curve.

BosGuy Rating: 3 out of 5 stars, Good.

Black Lamb
571 Tremont Street ||  (617) 982-6330



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