Planning our trip to Argentina and Uruguay

travel tipsIn about 5 weeks Sergio and I will be traveling to South America to explore Northern Argentina and a bit of Uruguay. For our upcoming visit we plan to explore Mendoza (wine country), Cordoba which is the country’s second largest city as well as Buenos Aires before heading to Uruguay.

Do you have suggestions on things to do or places to visit or dine?
Share your suggestions by leaving a comment below.

I had visions of us staying at a winery in Mendoza but struggled to find something I could afford and liked. Out of frustration, I booked us into the Sheraton, which is very affordable. From there we can easily day trip to wineries. I’m much more excited about the hotel in Cordoba we booked. It looks really cool, and I hope the Azur Real Hotel lives up to expectations.

Sergio and I arrive in B.A. the night of national elections and we are bracing for disruptions and protests, considering the anger many Argentinians have with their government. In lieu of staying at a private residence in the Palermo neighborhood as I initially envisioned, I booked us into The Park Tower, which is a large hotel where we should be fine if civil unrest gets out of hand. Another driving factor in choosing the hotel was that I could book it on points (never underestimate the allure of free) and since we will be here 5 nights that gives us more money to allocate to eating, drinking and being merry.

argentina, gay travelAfter visiting Argentina, our itinerary will next take us to Uruguay. We will cross the Rio de la Plata from B.A. to Colonia del Sacramento and will stay at a gorgeous little hotel called Charco in the historic district overlooking the river. Colonia is best known for its cobblestone Barrio Histórico, that is lined with buildings from its time as a Portuguese settlement and after spending nearly a week in B.A. this quiet, historic town will be a nice change of pace.

After a quick stay in Colonia, we will rent a car and drive to a gay owned and operated boutique beach resort in Uruguay’s Punte del Este, Undarius, that was recommended to us by a friend called. We figured that after visiting Mendoza, Cordoba and B.A. it might be nice to sit back, relax and spend time at the beach. This will seem extra special since it will be winter back in Boston.

Sergio and I spent much of September thinking through the logistics of this trip, booking the many flights required and finding places to stay. Next up is planning activities, and I wanted to reach out to ask for suggestions on things to do, places to visit or dine. Do you know of any great private wine tour guides in Mendoza? A fun day trip or activity to consider while visiting these cities? Suggestions on somewhere we should eat? All these suggestions and more would be very welcome as we start to plan out how we will spend our time exploring.

6 responses to “Planning our trip to Argentina and Uruguay

  1. Stephen Gilheeney

    Arumburu’s tasting menu is not to be missed! Also a daytime stroll down along the Rio Dr la Plata is not to be missed!


  2. My two favorite activities when I visited BA were a bike tour of the city (I no longer remember the operator) and touring the Opera House. Both were very interesting and enjoyable. Have a great time.


  3. I will be excited to hear all about it. I want to get down there too! Have a great trip!



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