Nonstop service from Boston to Vienna and Munich begins in 2020

Austrian Airlines which is part of the Lufthansa Group announced new nonstop service between Boston and Vienna will start March 29, 2020. The airline will initially operate four weekly flights between Boston and Vienna, increasing to six weekly flights by mid-April, according to the company. Lufthansa (the parent company of Australian Airlines) also announced earlier this year that nonstop service between Boston and Munich will begin in the summer of 2020.

I backpacked around Europe for a bit after college and regret that I didn’t do more when I visited Vienna and Munich. Both cities are incredibly beautiful but unfortunately, my main memory of Vienna is doing my laundry and I didn’t see much more than the beer halls of Munich while I spent the day drinking German ale, waiting for my night train to Prague. Perhaps it is time to revisit these gorgeous cities again. Below is a photo from the AIDA Cafe-Konditorei, that I pulled from this Instagram Account.



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