Chasing summer

Following the Thanksgiving holiday, Sergio and I left Boston to spend one month chasing summer in South America. During the visit we were able to travel to Mendoza, Cordoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Colonia del Sacramento and Punte del Este, Uruguay before going on to Brazil for approximately 10 days.

For the past week we have been in Sergio’s hometown, Belo Horizonte, Brazil to celebrate Christmas with Sergio’s family. Yesterday, we flew to Sao Paulo. We will celebrate the New Year with friends and a few bottles of Champagne then fly to chilly Boston. I know that many people struggle with geography so I pulled together this homemade map below to show you on a map where we traveled.

I can’t stress how amazing having a month to travel has been and if anyone plans to travel to any of these destinations reach out to me for suggestions. I’m only too happy to share what we did and to make recommendations.

Once I am back in Boston and all caught up, I will resume my regular Monday morning posts which share what is happening in Boston for the week.

One response to “Chasing summer

  1. Sounds like an amazing trip!!



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