Provincetown in an uproar over Cirque du Soleil

I love ProvincetownUPDATE: The Provincetown Independent Reports Cirque will not come to Provincetown this summer. Details here

Last month heads started to spin when it was reported that Cirque du Soleil would be coming to Provincetown for the summer. More than 70 members of the town’s entertainment community have formerly voiced opposition to the plan which has been shrouded in secrecy. Edge Media reported that town officials have signed non-disclosure agreements, but an announcement is expected at the town’s select board meeting tomorrow, Monday, February 10th.

While I can appreciate the appeal of Cirque du Soleil, I wanted to share my point of view (not that anyone asked but this blog affords me such indulgences).

  Provincetown should reject this plan

If the Cirque would like to come to Cape Cod, towns more centrally located like Hyannis are a far better fit; providing a larger population, better infrastructure and less strain on room inventory already stretched in the summer. Choosing a location at the edge of the Cape will require much of their audience to come from Ptown and surrounding communities.

As amazing as Provincetown’s homegrown arts and entertainment industry may be it is still a fragile thing and promoters cannot compete with the marketing budget and muscle of an international brand like Cirque. Cherished institutions like the Art House, Provincetown Theater, The Crown & Anchor, The Pilgrim House, etc… will be crushed and the arts landscape of Ptown will be left in the dust long after the Cirque packs up their big tent and pulls out of town.

I hope this plan is soundly rejected and any commitments that may have been made can be undone. The first step in making a change is for residents and business owners alike to show up in force on Monday to voice their opposition.

3 responses to “Provincetown in an uproar over Cirque du Soleil


    Your point of view is spot on.Thanks,Mark J. Powers


  2. Your point of view is spot on.



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