GROWLr live streaming shows starting today

Last month the gay “dating app” GROWLr announced that they would start offering live-streaming broadcasts and video chats to its members as a way to help people feel connected and provide entertaining distractions while staying at home and practicing social distancing.

For example, users can play in “Next Date” mode, a feature that converts a live-stream into a mini-dating game where you are prompted with questions, and based on responses, decide whether to move on or continue the date.

More interesting (to me) is the live programming that the GROWLr team has come up with that starts tonight with gay rapper Big Dipper and Jackie Beat this Saturday. Also be sure to check out Ms. Varla Jean Merman perform live on Saturday, May 16th. All shows are free to everyone on the GROWLr app.

Hat Tip to Matthew Rettenmund and his blog boy culture for the heads up.


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