Celebrating 16 years of marriage equality

gay marriage, marriage rightsMassachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage 16 years ago today. Today, same-sex marriage is legal in all states.

Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall’s excerpt (above) from the landmark case is worth sharing to celebrate both the victory for equality and to remind us how much progress has been made in such a short span of time.

2 responses to “Celebrating 16 years of marriage equality

  1. Congrats on the achievement on equality and human rights.. In my country Singapore, shamefully, a conservative and homophobic country, still criminalise gay men over their sexual orientation, under penal code S377A. Gay ppl are not accepted in general, at school / army /work/ society. All local lgbt couples are excluded from the society welfare due to no same sex marriage , such as housing / tax / cpf / medical / gov bonus / career . Religion leaders demonised lgbt community whenever they can. We feel depressed but life goes on.



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