Check out my Covid cut

BosGuy, haircutThis past weekend I asked Sergio to cut my hair – a first in our 21 year+ relationship. I will admit I was nervous about asking him to give me a trim but my last haircut had been in mid March and after 8+ weeks I was overdue to put it mildly. I tweeted out the middle photo (below) on Sunday, which resulted in a lot of likes and more than a few comments asking to see an after photo so I wanted to share Sergio’s good work. I feel like a million bucks.

I still can’t get over the barely there facial hair after 8 weeks of no shaving! So glad it is gone and that little experiment is finally done. While I love facial hair on other guys, I’m just not genetically wired to grow it. Below are a are a couple of photos from Sergio trimming my hair this weekend.  Thank you Sergio!

2 responses to “Check out my Covid cut

  1. Thomas Corbin

    Will your salon be reopening soon?



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