Grindr announces they will remove “ethnicity” filter

Against the backdrop of national protests in response to George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police, last week Grindr announced that the company will remove its ‘ethnicity filter’.

The change comes after the company was shamed on social media following its tweet on May 29th saying, “Demand justice. #BlackLivesMatter”.  Following that tweet, Grindr was accused of being a hypocrite with one message saying “remove the ethnicity filter” retweeted 1,000 times. Grindr later deleted its tweet and posted a new message explaining its change of position (see below).

Several years ago I was frustrated after seeing and hearing too many men engaging in what I’ll refer to as “sexual racism” on apps like Grindr and in casual discussions out at bars and around town. It bothered me so much that I shared my thoughts in my 2014 post, Sexual racism: When does your preference become racist.


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