Boston’s gay bar The Alley is now serving food

The impact the pandemic is having on the few remaining gay bars in Boston is concerning to say the least so I was happy to read in the blog, Boston Restaurant Talk that The Alley in Downtown Crossing is reinventing itself and making better use of their kitchen to serve food so it can open for business.

Starting yesterday, Wednesday, the Alley Bar has been serving appetizers, burgers, and pizza. According to the blog post, the owners of the popular bear bar were looking to leverage their kitchen to serve food prior to the pandemic but the closures of all bars mandated by the state expedited that process.  By serving food and transforming into a restaurant, The Alley can open rather than wait for Phase 4, which might not happen for awhile because it is dependent on the discovery of a vaccine and/or therapeutic. You can find out more on The Alley’s Facebook page.

The Alley Bar first opened in 2003. Help support this LGBTQ establishment and stop by for a burger and a beer with your friends.


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