Halloween in Provincetown

Halloween, Boston, Provincetown, Providence, Ogunquit

Halloween in Provincetown a.k.a. “Spooky Bear” can be an amazing experience. It combines the theatrics and creativity you only find in LGBTQ enclaves in major cities like NYC and Los Angeles with small town charm and quirkiness. I don’t know if there is another small town in America (Ptown has < 3,000 year round residents) that can compete.

Unfortunately, the pandemic will inevitably blunt the experience for anyone planning to visit next weekend. All large-scale events and traditional parties hosted each year have been cancelled. If you’ve not heard, many businesses closed prematurely for the season (including huge venues like the Crown & Anchor) and several businesses are going out of business (I will miss Bodybody and their post season sales terribly).

The Provincetown Guild has a complete list of businesses that remain open through Halloween weekend, and I recommend you check this out if you’ve yet to make plans but are contemplating spending next weekend in Ptown.

Oh yeah, and as a sidenote, MaineStreet in Ogunquit has closed for the season. Can we all agree that 2020 really stinks and we need someone who can end this f*cking pandemic!


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