After Forever

After Forever is a modern drama centered on a gay, middle aged couple. The twist is we quickly learn that Jason, played by Mitchell Anderson, has terminal cancer and is given weeks (maybe months) to live. His partner of 15 years, Brian, played by Kevin Spirtas, has to make peace with Jason’s decision not to commit to chemo and radiation therapy so he can live his final days on his terms.

Friends and family play a key role in supporting Jason through his illness and helping Brian as he copes with his grief. Each episode starts with a grainy video of Jason and Brian together during a happier time before flashing into the present. Watching Brian struggle, learn to live alone and find moments of joy is incredibly touching.

If you’re looking for a gay-themed drama, I would definitely recommend this series. Episodes are very short (approximatey 15 minutes) and pack an emotional punch. After Forever is currently available on Amazon prime.

Do you have a TV series you’ve recently watched and like? Please make your recommendation in the comments section.

2 responses to “After Forever

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Well done series.


  2. Loved this series.



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