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riddle, exercise for your brainEach Friday morning I post a riddle to get you to think outside the box and exercise your brain. If you are stumped, share it with a friend or colleague and see if you can figure out the answer together.

I’ll confirm answers in the afternoon so don’t worry if you don’t see your comment posted right away. I want to give everyone a chance to guess.

This week’s brain teaser was shared by Neville Fogarty from Newport News, VA who submitted this to NPR’s Sunday Puzzle. It’s tricky but you can do it.

This week’s brain teaser:  This well-known two word city (5 letters in the first word and 3 letters in the second) in the United States becomes the name of a popular 90s rock group if you change the first letter of the second word. Can you name the rock group?

HINT: This city is in a state that President Trump contested.

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13 responses to “BosGuy brain teaser

  1. I got it before seeing the answers. Green Bay and Green Day. I’m proud of myself!


  2. Green Bay, WI —> Green Day

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  3. Green Bay Green Day

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  4. Your Royal Highness

    Green Bay!!

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  5. Green Day.

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  6. As if math wasn’t bad enough, you’ve added geography?! I am so out off here!

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  7. green day from green bay.

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  8. Green Bay, WI / Green Day

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  9. Just figured it out Green Bay Green Day

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  10. All I can come up with is Santa Ana and Santana.


  11. Sugar Ray!



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