Monday morning mancandy

May this post help distract you from the fact that it is a Monday morning. 

9 responses to “Monday morning mancandy

  1. HEAVEN!!! It is VERY cool!!!


  2. I love it! I like everything about it


  3. His name is Alex Anderson, a Crossfit competitor and he also models Crossfit companies for xWerks and BDX. Not that I’ve noticed him before or anything. Ahem.


  4. I’ll bet this Monday morning man candy is sweet tasting


  5. Very nice… love the hairy chest and stomach, and wish I could get a hug from him…
    but due to Covid, it’s been over a year since anyone has hugged me. 😭


  6. Amazing pecs and abs! What is his name???


  7. Definitely distracted!!!



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