Vintage gay

Much thanks to my friend Jim L for sharing this photo with the hand written note “Let not your hearts be troubled”. I can’t imagine what that might be referring to and think the heart-shape cut out for the photo seems quite sweet. Does anyone have any guesses on when or where this photograph may have been taken?

I dedicate this weekly post, featuring vintage gay photographs, to the men and women who lived in a more critical time where being true to yourself and loving who you want wasn’t always an option and came at a great price. Do you have a photo you would like to share? Email me at

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5 responses to “Vintage gay

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  2. Check out, our site with first person stories from the lives of LGBTQ people around the world.

    They don’t go back as far as the eras of your photos, but they are still historical evidence of how we as LGBTQ community members have lived and are living today.

    The stories range from 3 podcast interviews with a 97 y.o. gay WWII Air Force navigator who was shot down in the North Sea in 1944 after one of his 27 bombing runs over Nazi Germany to younger contributors in their early 20s.


  3. I just noticed that they’re wearing some sort of beanie. Wasn’t that “a thing” for college freshman back in the day? Perhaps they’re supporting one another through the hazing nonsense.


  4. Those collars were pretty much out of fashion by the end of the 1920s, so I’d guess February sometime early 20th century.



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