Boston Pride president, Linda DeMarco, to resign as calls for a boycott of Boston Pride grows

Boston Pride has been embroiled in a nasty back-and-forth with activists who have (for some time) called the non-profit organization racist and “trans-exclusionary”.

The tipping point for activists came last summer after the Boston Pride board’s tepid response to the police killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. The organization’s response was developed without consulting Black Pride subcommittee members. Critics said the board routinely disregard LGBTQ+ minority groups (especially those in the trans community) and that the all-white Boston Pride leadership and board needs to go. Organizers say by removing the entire board it will give the organization a fresh new start – one that is hopefully more representational of Boston’s LGBTQ+ community.

In today’s Boston Globe, Sue O’Connell, copublisher of Bay Windows and a host at NECN, the official media sponsor of Boston Pride, said, “The pandemic and the reckoning of our unjust racial past has just claimed the Pride committee because they were unable to actually do the right thing over many, many years.”

Activists are calling for the entire Boston Pride board to resign and are holding their second annual vigil for Black Trans Lives on Saturday. DiMarco’s announcement will certainly be acknowledged from the stage, but will DeMarco’s resignation be enough? The protest and vigil will start in Nubian Square and people will march to Franklin Park. More information about that is available here.

5 responses to “Boston Pride president, Linda DeMarco, to resign as calls for a boycott of Boston Pride grows

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  3. Yikes!!!
    I had no idea of these issues.
    In addition to the insensitivities to BLM, I think the presidency should have term limits of 3 years, with a 2 term limit. Or maybe one 4 year limit, with annual votes of confidence.
    And the voting should be broadcast far and wide.

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    • Rich – I like your suggestions about limitations to terms and the idea of opening up the voting.


      • Rich Parritz

        Thanks Rob!
        The more I think about, the more shocked I am that the LGBT community can be shockingly UN-Democratic and actually quite back room closed and dictatorial with much favoritism.
        This is precisely why the old GBBC crashed and burned leaving Boston/New England with no LGBT chamber of commerce for 10 years. When theGBBC started in 1990ish, it was incredible and certainly Democratic and open to member ideas, quickly becoming the central mechanism that created LITERALLY millions of dollars in revenue for its LGBT members and closely allied major corporations!!

        Then in 2004, or soon after, the GBBC board suspended democratic elections, leaving in place the same officers for about 10 years. Almost immediately after eliminating democracy, the GBBC, began a precipitous drop from effectiveness and quickly became irrelevant, punctuated by the common response of ‘what’s the GBBC?’ When the ‘old’ vibrant years were mentioned to new business people who wondered why Boston had no LGBT chamber, when every other major city had a thriving LGBT chamber.
        THANKFULLY, with much incredible energy from Eastern Bank, Jim Lopata, Governor Baker and the NATIONAL org ‘NGLCC’ during the 2016-2018 period, a new LGBT chamber was born, like a Phoenix!!! This new chamber, the MALGBTCC, headed by the high energy leader Grace Moreno, has quickly put Boston back on the ‘Open for LGBT business’ map!’



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