BosGuy brain teaser

riddle, exercise for your brainEach Friday morning I post a riddle to get you to think outside the box and exercise your brain. If you are stumped, share it with a friend or colleague and see if you can figure out the answer together. Leave your answer in the comment section. I’ll approve responses later in the day to give people a chance to respond without seeing any spoilers.

This week’s riddle comes from the popular NPR show, Sunday Puzzle. These can be tough so don’t give up, enlist help if you are stumped. The riddle was submitted by Andrew Chaikin of San Francisco. Good luck!

This week’s brain teaser:Think of a famous philosopher — first and last names. Change one letter in the first name to get a popular dish. Drop two letters from the last name and rearrange the result to get the kind of cuisine of this dish. What is it?

HINT: The philosopher in question lived in Europe in the 19th century but the cuisine originates from another continent.

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3 responses to “BosGuy brain teaser

  1. I got it but I cheated (looked up philosophers) so I cannot post the answer.


  2. friedrich nietzche, lover of chinese fried rice


  3. Friedrich Nietzsche Fried rice, Asia


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