Furry Friday

Much thanks to long time reader, Bob Lowe, for sharing this week’s photo as suggestion for a future a Furry Friday post. The picture above is of the very handsome model, Jeffrey Schnelder. 

Past Furry Friday

9 responses to “Furry Friday

  1. Just my opinion, but without facial hair it would be so much more beautiful than it already is!!!!


  2. He would make a GREAT birthday present…minus the pants.


  3. It’s very “hard” to distinguish his pecs and abs from the brick wall!


  4. It’s very “hard” to distinguish the brick wall from his pecs and abs!


  5. “I know I have a few months to go, Santa, but I really want to be ‘very naughty’ with this guy”!

    At least bring me a little gift?! 🤣



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