Which two pills would you pick for 2023

Hope you are closing out 2022 in style, surrounded by family, friends or someone special.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve and have a wonderful 2023.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting BosGuy.com.

7 responses to “Which two pills would you pick for 2023

  1. 1 and 4.


  2. Definitely 4 and 7!


  3. 1 & 7. I’ll already have the benefits of #4 (**my 2nd, 2nd choice) via choosing #1. Onward & upward in 2023!!!


  4. 1 and 7


  5. I would pick 1 and 4.


  6. Hi
    Being only short and weedy in build, I would like to have been blessed with a bit of muscle and taller, with a mat of fur on my chest too, but no pills can sadly alter that, but if available that would be my choice!



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