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Book review: Two Million by Alex Fear

Two Million by author, Alex Fear, is a quick read filled with ridiculous drama fueled by a concoction of alcohol, anxiety and depression. The story, told from Theo’s perspective, details a torrid two weeks of binge drinking as he follows Max from England to Thailand to Singapore to Taiwan. The story opens with Theo waking up hungover in Max’s hotel room, trying to piece together what happened the night before. It turns out, Theo was trying to get over a recent break up, and went out to try to forget about his ex and somehow ended up meeting Max. Theo strikes me as hurt, angry and a bit lost, which is probably why he follows Max despite his antics and appalling behavior.

Each cocktail titled chapter is filled with Max hell-bent on some outrageous behavior and Theo reluctantly tagging along. Theo has convinced himself that he stays with Max out of concern for his well-being, but I don’t buy that he would remain with such an offensively rude, self-destructive stranger. I assume he sticks around out of fear of being alone. Max is a temporary albeit terrifying anchor for Theo. Max’s attrocious behavior is mostly (there are a few exceptions) overlooked because he has an unending supply of money and loves throwing it around. At one point, I believe he refers to himself as nouveau riche, and the author, Alex Fear, takes the stereotype to some fairly outrageous limits.

The book makes for a good beach or vacation read because it has short easy to read chapters. The plot doesn’t deviate and the characters exhibit the same behavior throughout, until a surprisingly touching phone call at the end. The heavy drinking and disgraceful behavior is a bit much for me, but might make for a good read while on an Atlantis Cruise or summer vacation in Provincetown or Fire Island.

Normally, I like to give a shout out to the library and independent book stores but the book is only available on Amazon. You can order Two Million for the Kindle or paperback, here.