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Book Review: Empire by Steven Saylor

In truth, this is less of a review about Steven Saylor’s book, Empire: The Novel of Imperial Rome, published in 2010 by St. Martin’s Griffin than it is a recognition of this gay author who writes superb historical fiction novels at a mind-boggling rate.

For those fascinated by ancient Rome, his novels are compelling reads.   Saylor is best known for his Roma Sub Rosa series, set in ancient Rome featuring a detective named “Gordianus the Finder” who lived during the time of Cicero, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra.

Empire is nearly 600-pages and opens in Rome in 14 AD with Lucius Pinarius, a young man born into a prominent Roman family. The novel traces the Pinarius family for the next 100+ years.  With imperial Rome as a backdrop, Saylor weaves a story chalk full of intrigue, drama and action.

If you enjoy historical fiction or are fascinated with this era, I would recommend trying one of Saylor’s novels. He has an easy-t0-read writing style.  Should you opt to buy one of Saylor’s books, I’d recommend Calamus Bookstore.  Calamus is the last standing GLBT bookstore in Boston and you can purchase books online if you don’t live in the area.

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