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Restaurant review: Lucca Back Bay

Last January I shared a glowing review of Lucca Back Bay. I returned again for a visit in the spring of 2011 and had a similar experience so I was happy to go again this past weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Perhaps we had a new waiter, but at nearly every turn she detracted from the dining experience.  She did not offer the night’s two specials and actually forgot the second entirely.  Throughout the meal errors like not filling empty wine glasses or inquiring if we’d like to order another bottle when we ran empty all happened one after another, making me wonder if I was eating at a quiet discount Italian chain.

Problems with service were exacerbated because one of the friends did not care for the gnocchi they ordered.   To make sure he was not being overly critical I sampled his plate, and agree it was (at best) mediocre.   Lest you think I’m overly negative, I would like to assure you that we did have a good time (after all its the company that makes the evening) and the four other main dishes were delicious.

For those contemplating a visit, pasta plates range from $23-$36 and main courses or “secondi” range from $28-$36. Dinner for two (appetizers, main dishes and a shared dessert – not including drinks or tip) is ~ $90.00. 

Lucca in the Back Bay is at 116 Huntington Ave Boston, MA
Reservations strongly recommended, Tel: (617) 247 2400

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