SpeakEasy Stage Theater

Earlier this month I finally got around to signing up as a subscriber to the SpeakEasy Stage Theater. The SpeakEasy performances are held at the Calderwood Pavilion in the SouthEnd and I consider it my local theater although in truth it is a bit more than that. The Company is recognized throughout the area as one of a handful of excellent theaters that consistently earns praise for presenting top quality productions of plays and musicals. Over the years I’ve seen countless shows.

This past Friday, I went to see their current production of a Tony Award winning musical, A Light in the Piazza. The musical is about a mother coming to grips with her own mistakes in life and learning to let her daughter live her own life. The epiphany is set against the backdrop of a mother / daughter visit to Florence. In truth, my favorite part of the show was the beautiful staging and the Florentine, Fabrizio, who falls in love with the daughter, Clara.

I look forward to seeing more shows from this theater and want to encourage others to support local theater. A good story, told live by actors is so enjoyable and such a social way to spend an evening with friends or someone special.


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