Hitting the gym

In January 2009, I completed a 4mos medical research project, which I wrote a bit about on my blog. The study at MassGeneral Hospital is ongoing and examines the effects testosterone has on bone density. While I found participating in the study fascinating one of the results was I put on an extra 5-10 unwanted pounds.

I’ve never been one to stress about my weight – mostly because I’ve never had to. However, I’ve never really had a great body either and over the years I have became more conscious of my soft midsection and lack of muscle tone. My partner had noticed the change in my body and my frustration with the weight gain and for Christmas surprised me with a few sessions with a trainer at my gym. Yesterday, I had my first session with my trainer, Stu, who appears to be both friendly and sweet. His warm smile, can-do attitude and chiseled body is almost more than I can stand. The first work out passed quickly, was definitely a learning experience and more fun than I expected. I do hope that I can build a relationship with Stu and he can push me so I can drop the weight I’ve gained and possibly help me get into better shape. I have no goal weight – rather I would like to get back to fitting comfortably into my clothes.

I’ll try to write more about my work out routine and do my best not to obsess over Stu who has pecs and biceps the size of Nick Auger (the model in the photo). Aside from being healthier, it would be great to feel better about how I look.


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