Where all the men are

I’ve posted this picture in the past, but I never grow tired of it. This tiny park on West Newton Street in Boston’s South End always makes me chuckle when I walk past it, because words do matter and no matter how wonderful Mr. (or Ms.) Hiscock was – its an unfortunate name. Ironically, this park happens to be in the traditionally gay neighborhood of Boston, the South End.

If you happen to live in Boston, I say with all sincerity, “I hope you can stop by this spring or summer to enjoy Hiscock”.

5 responses to “Where all the men are

  1. Hey, BosGuy, looks Blogger might have done it to Straight Guy again. Does Blogger hate Gay influenced blogs? I wonder if this might be a RIP.


  2. Oh my God, that is funny, When I get to Boston I plan to get to His cock!


  3. So it's to the Hiscock for his cock and his cock and his…


  4. I've seen your Hiscock Park post before, but it still makes me laugh.I think I need a trip to Boston just to see it for myself!


  5. Um, this is hilarious. And why have I never noticed it? I've worked in the South End for years, literally!



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