Provincetown cheap eats

Provincetown has some truly excellent dining options, but more often than not I eat outside on the remodeled deck shared by the Aqua Bar at 207 Commercial Street. You can access this deck through the Aquarium Marketplace (a mini arcade that includes a half dozen eateries serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Adding to the appeal of these food vendors is the very comfortable patio and deck overlooking the harbor complete with a bar that serves excellent drinks and a raw bar to satiate all those hankering for fresh seafood.

I’m most partial to Big Daddy’s Burritos and often order the Fish Burrito. Each year there are new eateries and this year a bakery and seafood vendor have opened for business. The half dozen eateries in this arcade all serve up good cheap eats and the view from the deck only enhances the dining experience. So should you find yourself in Provincetown looking for a quick and easy dining option that won’t place a dent in your wallet, consider checking out the Aquarium Marketplace at 247 Commercial Street, easily identifiable by the HRC store that faces the street.

Lightly battered Fish-N-Chips was excellent and filling; $10.95Big Daddy’s fish burrito in a bowl is filling and delicious; $8.50

One response to “Provincetown cheap eats

  1. I love Big Daddy's! I checked out the menu and will definitely order the fish burrito on your recommendation. Sounds delish!



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