Zipcar: Low-Car Diet 2011

Last week I was selected to participate in a promotion called the Zipcar: Low-Car Diet. For those unfamiliar, Zipcar is a car-sharing program that started here in Boston and is now in 50+ cities in North America and the U.K. The idea of a car-sharing program may seem strange, depending on where you live, but here in Boston and in cities around the country its been hugely successful.

What is Zipcar’s promotion all about? The Low-Car Diet is a 30-day challenge not to use my car starting Monday, July 25th. I’ll be seeking alternate forms of transportation, such as Zipcar, my bike and feet to get me most places. I’ll be recording how I get from point-A to point-B for the next 30-days. I’ll do my best to keep you posted. You can see my profile on the Zipcar Low-Car Diet profile page.
In a somewhat related story, earlier this month, Boston became one of the first US cities to implement a comprehensive bike-sharing program. I hope that Boston’s bike-sharing program which includes 600 new bikes in more than 60 bike stations throughout the city will prove to be as successful as Zipcar.

4 responses to “Zipcar: Low-Car Diet 2011

  1. I lived car-free for almost 7 whole years thanks to Zipcar! Saved me a bundle in gas, tolls, car repairs, and of course, parking tickets, towing and cabs to the tow lot. Only reason we don't use them much anymore is that we moved and our new place has a parking spot.I'm still a Zipster at heart…


  2. How's Day One so far?I'm a Zipster, too.


  3. Thanks for inspiring me to use my car less often!


  4. That is way cool. Congrats on at least attempting I am a BIG fan of Zipcar when I used to travel regularly to the DC area and I had to visit clients that were not on the Metro.Cabs were WAY too pricey (I mean, the company would have paid for it, but I'm cheap) so Zipcar was the way to go.Let us know how it all turns out.



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