Restaurant review: La Barrique (NYC)

Last week during my visit to NYC, I was able to have a quiet dinner at La Barrique – a French wine bar in Midtown on 39th Street between 5th & 6th Ave. The place has a cozy vibe and when you walk in from the street the first thing you will notice is a long rustic bar that seems to attract a boisterous after work crowd.  The back of the restaurant is a bit less loud and depending on where you are seated provides an excellent view to people watch.

The French menu is divided into four parts; appetizers ($7-$13), main dishes ($20-$32), mussels and french fries (all $17) and burgers ($12-$14).  The wine menu is also very accessible with glasses $9 and bottles $32.

I started with a surprisingly good salad ($8.95) that came with clumps of goat cheese the size of quarters nestled between citrus, walnuts and greens.  It was brought to the table right after being served my wine and warmed bread.  The trio of salad, wine and bread really proved to be very satisfying.

While I enjoyed my main dish of fettucine with crab ($16.95) , I think I chose poorly and should have opted for one of the half dozen options for mussels and fries.  The “moules frites” looked delicious, were nearly universally ordered.

Dinner at La Barrique was very reasonable and I’m glad I came to this tiny wine bar.  My meal which included house greens, a large pasta plate and a glass of a Cotes du Rhone was $38.00 without tip. That’s tough to beat in a place like NYC.

La Barrique is located at 38 West 39th Street (212) 997-3910

La Barrique on Urbanspoon


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