Many LGBT patients feel alienated by their health providers

Massachusetts is a more progressive part of the US and a relatively safe haven for the LGBT community so I was surprised to read The Boston Globe article on Monday, LGBT patients search for healing; an excellent article which features the Fenway Health Clinic.

Researchers say that LGBT people are more likely to experience a variety of health problems…The reason is largely that they don’t seek health care for fear of being stigmatized in the doctor’s office.

The article is illuminating because living here it is easy to assume such problems don’t exist.  It also made me wonder if a place like MA which is welcoming to the LGBT community can still be frightening then what are the implications for those living in more isolated and intolerant places?

Despite the seriousness of the subject, I suppose I’m quite proud that The Boston Globe committed resources to report this story and it made me wish more mainstream media would follow suit.

What are your thoughts?

4 responses to “Many LGBT patients feel alienated by their health providers

  1. we are treated good here in Cali-Cal


  2. Well at least men in general tend to be more reluctant to see doctors than women. And I’ll bet many gay men are afraid because they still have this stigma of AIDS festering in their brains and think they’d rather not know.

    Related: a few months ago I asked the HIV testing person at FCHC what percentage of people tested there are negative and the answer surprised me: 97%. That’s pretty good, and much higher than I suspected.


  3. It simply shows that we have quite a ways to go before being fully accepted, even in Massachusetts.


  4. I used to feel that way, actually, but my current doctor is very accepting of my sexuality, so I’m not as worried about seeing one. My college health center was the worst though. I had the swine flu at one point and just didn’t go because I didn’t want to deal with them.




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