Santa Speedo Run

The weather in Boston was in the low 40s and windy when the 12th Annual Santa Speedo Run started.  This annual tradition, brings hundreds of men and women into Back Bay to run in a variety of speedos and boxers, raising money for a local charity.

This year’s run was a bit more chaotic than in past years with the Boston Police Dept. showing up late to the party.  Without a police presence, crowds lining the streets forced the normally busy Boylston Street to one lane and Newbury Street was jammed resulting in less time for runners to pose and play both before and after the run. However, I hope you enjoy this year’s video. I was down one photographer as Sergio decided to participate. Do you see him?

Today’s run will raise approximately $250,000 which will go to benefit the Play Ball Foundation.  To learn more about this year’s charity and the Santa Speedo Run, visit their website

5 responses to “Santa Speedo Run

  1. Nicely done. I did see one guy I went ‘oooh’ over. Abs of something, if not steel.


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  3. Loved seeing Sergio in his Santa Panties. 😉


  4. Damn…Next Year, most definitely!


  5. Thanks for posting this! Lots of hot men… I wish I was there in person for a better view.



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